Thank YOU

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Thank you

Two simple words that can alter feelings in a certain situation.

Two words that my parents taught us to say when we’re given something.

Two words S and I are teaching our kids to say when they receive something.

Two words that we sometimes don’t hear anymore.

And because of this, there is a call to revive the “art of saying–THANK YOU”.

Let’s show everyone that Manila is not down below in the list of “Least Courteous Cities”, shall we?

If any of you, dearest readers (that’s you, my sisters, brother and mom…hahahahahahaha!), have any creative way of saying “THANK YOU” in one line, email me! The 5 most creative entries will receive a special prize from Toblerone. And the first 150 entries will receive TWO (2) Thank You day concert tickets* which will be held on the 20th of October, 6pm at SM Mall of Asia. Performing at the concert are Salindiwa, Reggae Mistress, Mozzie, True Faith and Cynthia Alexander.

* Tickets to be claimed at GeiserMaclang (c/o Alma Buenviaje) Tel 812.8828*812.9199*0917.5344624


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