When we’re old

It’s bad.  My highschool friends and I hardly have time for each other.

But we met up last week, and I was there ahead of the rest of the girls—and this is what I saw…

So I can forsee how we will be when we’re little old ladies.  LOL!


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7 responses to “When we’re old

  • Aiza

    I don’t know what’s with that place kasi my grandma loves eating there. And I see a lot of oldies eat there too, whatever time of day, whatever day of the week.

    But yeah, it will be fun to still meet up with old friends especially when we’re already old.

  • Jody

    Hahaha! This is so funny! Oo nga ano, ganyan itsura natin :-(…hey, thanks for dropping by! Imagine, kahit sa bahay lang, naka-makeup ako! hehehe, got to use the new ones!

  • Apols

    Hi Jen! Hahaha natawa naman ako dito 🙂 By the way ill add you in my link ha. 😉

  • jencc

    hi aiza, masarap kasi eh! but it was the morning so there were lots of oldies talaga. sila lang kasi yung gising at that time (and us, of course!)

    hi jody! hahahahaha buti ka pa, i’m too tamad to put on makeup kahit na sa house, but it makes me so happy to look at my makeup box. (weeeeird!)

    hi apols! yes please, thanks!


    hihihi! but it’s also aliw to see old people still “hang out” with friends.

  • auee

    hehe my goodness to be faced with the future… hay basta I still want to rock at that age

  • jencc

    hi dar and auee!

    ako rin, i want to hang out and still rock!

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