When the G-Man mentioned that they’d begun to sell Leyende on Kikay Exchange, I said, nah…too expensive. Can’t afford it.

That was until I got on to Multiply. And I read how yummy the products smelled like and how this one particular item worked so well with oily skin. (One of my major major problems was that whatever I do—use the sandwich method, or even spritz with water to set my foundation, my face always oiled and when you drag a finger from one point of my forehead to the other, you’d surely have some semblance of foundation on the fingertip.)

On one hand, I was so eager to try Face Canvas because it sounded really interesting (“natural” and “organic” being the number 1 reasons). On the other hand, I was afraid that if I got one, it would see dust faster than I can say “Fox in Socks”. (Which is something that happens with most of my face stuff.)

Okay, so I gave in. I not only got Face Canvas, I also got a tube of Clean Slate!

I remember the day I got the package. I had been waiting all morning for it and hoped that it would arrive before I needed to leave the house to do my errands. And as expected, I received it *right before* I stepped out of the house—which meant I was going to be late. I definitely wanted to try out my loot before I left the house.

As what I had read about, Clean Slate smelled soooo yummy that I wanted to eat it! Neva, owner and maker of Leyende, had already given me the heads up about it not being a “bubbly” facial cleaner (my sister once worked for a multinational manufacturing company and she said that most Pinoys equate bubbly to clean), but that it will clean of all the dirt and grime in a more “balanced” way (I suppose this means not stripping off moisture, as how we’d mostly feel after washing with “commercial” soap).

And you know? It did feel clean after. A sort of squeaky clean pa nga. But not dry. Really. And what’s great about Clean Slate is it’s a facial cleanser and makeup remover in one!

Of course, I tried on the OTHER product that I got too—Face Canvas. Neva told me she’d just send the “Norte” scent, same as Clean Slate (the other scent was “Cucumber”. So you can imagine how yummy this one smelled as well!!

This is a moisturizer/face primer for makeup! That day, I didn’t have time to use it with makeup, so I just went out with it. I guess this product is something I have been looking for for a long time—it mattified my face and made it stay that way for several hours.

The day after, I tried the routine again, but put my mineral makeup this time. And the astounding thing was what my makeup stayed on!! Yay!! Previously, without Face Canvas, when I would blot my face after a couple of hours, I would notice that the tissue paper would have some (plenty!) foundation on it. However, with Face Canvas, I didn’t need to blot for several hours, PLUS when I would, the tissue paper actually came out clean! (well, as clean as can be with me….meaning just a shadow of foundation) Which meant most of my makeup was still on my face! Yay!

Finally, something that will help my makeup stay on! Thanks, Neva, I’m a fan. I looooove Leyende! She said she’ll be at Serendra soon. Check her out on Multiply!


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2 responses to “Leyende

  • delish

    gosh sis, you are so kikay! 😀

    have a great week ahead! am trying to bloghop my contractions/dilation/labor on… ahihi

  • auee

    uy I like that ha… I have oily skin, too & super problem ko ang shiny forehead, that’s why I rarely put on make up. Hassle lang to keep my face clean & neat looking. I’d love to try the products, but how??

    Posting costs would triple the retail price. Do you know anyone coming to London soon? 😛

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