He’s *MY* Man!

I finally caught up with Teacher D of K’s school. She and I needed to catch up because S was a speaker at one of their parent forums—“how to prepare your child for big school”. She was telling me how great S was at the talk!

When someone asked him what he thought about sending their son to school even though he will not meet the cut-off age requirements for big school (big schools have an age requirement–like, in my son’s school they require that he be at the very least, 4.6 years old when he enters nursery), he said something that Teacher D didn’t really expect. S said, “Why do you want to rush your child’s being in school?” (this is because the child was a month short of the age requirement)

He said that they should consider not rushing the kid, because, really the kid’s job is to play—and in playing, that’s how he learns! More than that, quantity and quality time with both parents are even higher up there in the list!

In fact, I recall him telling me when he got home, “Honey, you’d be proud of me. I said that time spent with their kids is very important so take the opportunity to. And that they grow up so fast.” (yes, with a wistful look in his eyes!) In essence, no amount of schooling can make up for the bonding time you have with your children, because (as we all know from social science class)—the family is still the basic unit in society.

And we all know that traditional schools have bigger classes so it’ll be more difficult for the teacher to be attentive to the students in particular. So parents should do the nurturing to compensate for the “work” the kids do at school.

I’m so proud!

I called him when I got home and we discussed what Teacher D and I talked about. And I was telling him that it takes a certain kind of person who can truly say something
like that and mean it. It’s someone who’s been there and done that and reaped the benefits of understanding quality time with the family. (Yes, I said that to him, with matching watery eyes—I always *always* cry when I talk about these things.)

I married the right guy!


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5 responses to “He’s *MY* Man!

  • Aiza

    “I married the right guy!”

    awww, sweet!

  • ByNature

    same here, jen! my eyes get all teary just talking about things like how important it is for me & B to be there for our kids, how much we want to spend quality time with them, and how worthwhile all the hard work we’re doing because it is all for them. it’s a blessing to have a family man as a hubby ‘coz you know that you’ll both walk hand in hand in rearing wonderful kids! here’s to our hubbies! 🙂

  • Jennifer

    He’s so sweet Jen. You hit the jackpot when you married S. 🙂

  • jencc

    hi aiz, dar and jen—haaaaaay, he’s the best, really! 🙂 thanks girls!

  • N!cE

    hi jen. S is right about not rushing to enter the kids in school. I’m one of those kids who studied early and i regret that i did not get to spend that much time with mom and dad. also, it’s tough competing with kids older than you.

    And yes, we as parents have the prime responsibility in teaching them. We do that by spending the large chunk of our time playing and interacting with them.

    Nice article! 🙂

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