He’s not so big after all…

We were walking to the park yesterday looking for a magazine I wanted to buy. But it was drizzling, so I made P take an umbrella.

Looking at the picture, P doesn’t seem too tall, no? But he is. P’s a around head above the kids in his level. He sometimes wishes he were the same size as a “six year old”. I remember when I was in school. I was always at the back of the line because I was the tallest. I sat at the back of the class, I never had a chance to have a short boyfriend (well—wala namang nangligaw eh. Hahahahaha!), and S never carried me over the threshold (hindi niya talaga kaya eh….hahahahahahahahaha!)

Well, what I’m saying is that I totally understand P. I know where he’s coming from because I’ve been there. Which probably explains why I don’t stand up as straight as I should. But I hope Bikram Yoga fixes that. =p


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3 responses to “He’s not so big after all…

  • Aiza

    Never had that problem hehe, I was always one of the shortest in school. Its okay for women to be petite. Dibe Jen, when P gets older, he’ll appreciate his height kasi its okay for men to be tall eh. Its actually plus pogi points for some pa.

  • Gem

    i consider height as an asset. 🙂 pdeng maging basketball player si P. he is growing so fast..i remember before he was so cute with his buddha outfit holding his big toe. i still have that cute image of him in my mind.

  • candishhh

    I know where that is! hahaha..

    i agree – Height is definitely an asset! I was once a tall girl – I think I was the 3rd tallest – that was until I hit puberty – it all changed…. 😦 Huhu…

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