Finally, a haircut!

Anyone who knows me knows that I get nervous when I go to get my hair styled (or cut for that matter).

I sit in the salon’s chair, praying and hoping that whoever cuts my hair will give me something I not only like, but will grow out well.

I’ve “graduated” from Pierre’s (in the super duper old Makati Arcade–where Landmark now is!) and Precy’s (isn’t this salon such a blast from the past???). I’ve tried Fix (kasi cheap), Rey Angeles (who did my makeup during our wedding but cuts hair too), Fabio Salsa (because S’s cousins went there and their hair looked pretty good), Emphasis (Teng Roma and Victor Ortega were okay, but — kulang), Rodger Craig (when it was still in the Peninsula Makati), Propaganda‘s Alex Carbonell (who, I understand, does the training of the people from Fix Salon.)

And every time I’m out of the country (it just sounds like I travel a lot. I don’t. The last trip I took out of the country was six or so years ago!), I never fail toying with going to a top salon there and getting a cut. (I contemplate that every time we would be in HK and in Paris–once!–on our honeymoon.)

I could never imagine forking over so much money for a cut.

Until I met Louis Phillip Kee. This man is THE one.

I remember early last year, my friend E and I were wondering who to go for to get a new look. And since we were actively reading the local fashion forums, we’d both read about Louis. When she finally took the plunge and forked over the money to get her hair styled by this whiz of a man, she totally loved it!

Of course, I soon followed after. And for the first time in my life, I did not feel any palpitations while sitting on the seat and getting my hair cut. For the first time, I was confident that this man was going to make me look good and that I was going to be truly happy with it. And he didn’t fail me!

I went back again in November of last year for my next cut. But it took me all these months to go back, because I am not working, and well, to be honest, it’s not a cheap cut. But since it grows out really really well, it’s “value for money”.

Very recently, I went back to the fashion forums and checked out other salons because my hair screamed for a cut already. It was too long, I had lots of falling hair. The salons I floated around in my head were Azta, because S’s cousins have again told me that they’d go there and well, their hair was nice. Others were Tony and Guy, and Tony and Jackey (the Korean place). But I still wasn’t convinced I should try out other people.

None really appealed to me. (Once you’ve gone with the master…there’s no where else to go, but back to him. Hahahahah!)

Then I receive a message from my broker, who says that I have some cash dividend. What luck!

I finally went back to Louis today. And all I can say is that I’m so happy I waited, and that I went back to him. I sat there, in the familiar chair, while he worked his magic.

I told him that for a while, I did consider seeing someone else because of the cost, but then after seeing what he’s done, I know I shouldn’t even try. And I know I won’t. He’s a master, and I swear, I love him! He’s the best!

Here’s my new look. Fresh from the salon.

In any case, if you decide to try him out, he’s at Razzle Dazzle Salon in Makati. His mobile is 09178424888. Salon numbers are 8482388 and 8402880. Look for Cheryl. He also goes to Cebu every 2 to 3 months, and works his magic at Posh Spa or something like that. So if you’re from there and are interested to get a cut, give him a ring.


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16 responses to “Finally, a haircut!

  • 100percentkelly

    Hi Jen! I’ve been searching for a good stylist to cut my hair for the past month and I’ve decided to try Louis. I’m going there Friday! I’ll post pics 🙂

  • candishhh

    Hi Jen! Nice hair! Nako, my mom is the same way with you!! She’s super particular with people dealing with her hair! Ako naman I used to go to Jing MOnis – kaso lang he’s become quite expensive. I’ve tried Tony and Jackey and they’re okay – just okay. I’ll still go to Jing.. If I find the budget. Hahaha! I heard Louis Kee is gooooooood nga daw… 🙂

  • ByNature

    nice new ‘do, jen! 🙂 bagay the bangs. i totally know what you mean by “value for money”, that your hair grows long nicely and you can do away with regular visits at the salon for trims. i’ve been going to basement salon for my favorite hairstylist since 1998 or 1999. she’s the only one i trust my hair with for major changes ‘coz every time i try some other person just to save on money, the cut turns out bad so i go back to her for a retouch and end up spending more than saving. tsk, tsk…

  • Aiza

    Nice hair! Me? I haven’t had my hair cut for months! Hehe. I want to try him too, pero magkano kaya?

    Just received your IM. Ayee the price!! To try or not to try…that is the question.

  • auee

    i like the new cut, younger you. How expensive is expensive?

  • mich

    hi jen, blog hopping here. i think i met you more than 2 years ago at a breastfeeding mtg at mtq. anyways, my mom and her best friend swear by louis too! really expensive but for peace of mind and a good haircut, it’s worth it. planning to go to him nga when i go back this october, have to check the budget first hahaha!

  • Jane

    Jen, email me naman his price. Let me see if my budget can take it, hahahaha.

  • crissy

    nice haircut! looks great on you 🙂

  • brig

    hey! looks good on you, i’m just wondering how much it cost? 🙂

  • mlaida

    hi jen… we have the same stylist! small world talaga… and the funny thing about this is he’s my neighbor in paranaque… he lives about 2 blocks away from my house!!! i was there yesterday, and you’re right…. HE’S VERY GOOD. too bad he’s expensive din… pero value for money talaga 🙂

  • joan

    hi jen

    wonderful cut, i used to go to louise too, back when he was with Salon de Ken, but then i had to move to Toronto, i actually found your blog, coz i phoned Salon de Ken, and apparently he isnt there anymore, and i wanted to get my haircut from him when i go back home to visit..

    ok too much kwento.. 😀 i just wanted to say thanks for his salon’s address and number 😀 and im really glad he hasnt lost his magic hair cutting touch


  • lilli

    hi jen,

    thinking of having a haircut despite the fact that i still got short hair. just curious how the rates are at razzle dazzle?


  • faith

    Hi, how much is a haircut with Louis? Thanks!

  • baduday

    Hi Jen! Nice cut! I’m having a bad hair day everyday and I’m dying to get a haircut. Yes, please, share naman his rates. Ooh, I’m not quite sure if I’d go to Makati just to get a haircut, but then, who knows? I heard Zsa Zsa Padilla is one of the owners of Razzle Dazzle.

  • Nica Mahilom

    wow, so he’s good and pricey, huh? sayang nga lang he’s not a good father. he has 2 children whom he had from a previous marriage to Lourdes Mahilom Kee. Their marriage bore them 2 children named Samantha and Michael Angelo whom Louis abandoned without “sustento”… until the wife decided to file charges. alam nyo, kawawa naman the children. Gwapo pa naman c Michael Angelo. both of them pariwara ang buhay pero the dad lives in the limelight. Hindi nga nakapag aral yung mga bata e. As in kawawa talaga. The mother just died recently (May 6th, ’08) of breast cancer, so lalong naging kawawa yung mga bata. Recently lang din, c michael angelo got imprisoned sa maling accusation. hindi man lang tinulungan ni Louis Kee yung anak nya. he suffered in prison for a month without man lang food. mga kapitbahay lang ang nagbibigay ng food. Louis Kee didnt even bothered to visit his son. no nothing tlga. kawawa ang mga anak… as in kawawa talaga.

  • April

    Hi! Quick question,

    how much po for a cut/style sa Razzle Dazzle? 🙂 Thanks! 😀

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