On visiting those who have newly delivered

So S’s cousin delivered her baby girl today. I got the message from her mom early this morning.

I personally didn’t like to receive visitors in the first month of delivery (but of course, I didn’t have much choice because S’s family is big to begin with, and that’s not even counting my family and our friends yet). The reason for this is that I wanted to make sure I was up and about to entertain people. I just had a baby and all my attention would be towards the baby only (and S and P of course), not to entertain other people.

So, because of my personal preferences and experiences, I figured it was but polite to ask if his cousin was accepting visitors. Her mom said okay to visit this PM or tomorrow morning so we can see the baby.

Over lunch, *** (take a wild guess who!) and I were making some plans to visit this afternoon. Then I got a text message for the mom of S’s cousin that preferably, visitors come tomorrow instead so she can rest (apparently she has a C-section). So I tell my *** and she was like, “huh? Ba’t ka nagtanong? Dapat sa convenience natin tayo pupunta.” (Grrrr…..how very uncharitable, really.)


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