Cardinal Santos’ Breastfeeding Month Celebration

I was invited by my OBGYN, Annette Poblete (I love her, she is so calm and patient!!!), to CSMC’s Breastfeeding Month Celebration as a member of LATCH.

It was great hearing what the plans of CSMC were. And, how far along they’ve come.

Here are the things I learned in bullets:

  • That CSMC had their doctors and nurses and midwives trained by a lactation specialist on breastfeeding. In fact, they have two lactation nurses, one who I met earlier, Nurse Luz (can’t remember her last name).
  • They were initially accredited as a Baby-Friendly Hospital, however, when Unicef and WHO stepped up their breastfeeding campaign, there were changes made in terms of standards. And the bars were raised as these institutions deemed that also the mother’s health should be considered. CSMC has been accredited by the DOH as a Mother-Baby friendly hospital. This means that they have passed certain quality measures set by the DOH.
  • Their newly renovated delivery room has individual labor rooms with access doors to the outside common areas. Partners of the woman in labor can join them through these doors. CSMC acknowledges that support is needed in breastfeeding.
  • CSMC also practices what is in the latching on within the first hour of birth. I experienced this but I think that the hospital can do more than just having the nurse bring the baby to the mom and let the baby lick the mom’s nipple. (At least that is how I felt when I delivered K.) I texted Dr Annette to tell her about this SITE I visited. Now, if the doctors can do something like that, then man, I’d be so proud of that hospital!!
  • In keeping with RA 7600: the Rooming In and Breastfeeding Act of the Philippines (a copy of which I had with my birth plans in case the hospital personnel didn’t want to give me my baby immediately—they didn’t, but then that’s another story altogether!), there are plans to renovate the nursery of CSMC to make way for a Neonatal ICU with facilities for breastfeeding and kangaroo care. You ask where they’ll put the full term healthy babies? Why, roomed in with their moms, of course! <– I swear, this was the BEST-EST news I heard all day!
  • CSMC has a jingle they use for breastfeeding/baby/nursery gatherings!  The wife of the bassist of Six Cycle Mind delivered there and was about to take their baby home on that day!  He composed something for the baby and allowed CSMC to use it for free!  Man, how cool is that?  And the song was asteeeeg!!!

I think that what CSMC has decided to do is very commendable. It’s a pioneering step!

Here’s a picture with the doctors and other people behind this.


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2 responses to “Cardinal Santos’ Breastfeeding Month Celebration

  • Chi

    just dropping by to say hi. hope you have a great weekend ahead of you 🙂

    here in NY, subway stations are now promoting breastfeeding in public, which is a great way for mothers not to be ashamed if they choose to breastfeed.

  • Christianne

    That’s great news! Hooray for Cardinal Santos. Are they the most bf-friendly hospital in Metro Manila?

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