PTC with Ks teachers

S and I were really excited to go to K’s first ever PTC at school.

We were happy (and surprised) to find out some things:

  • K’s teachers used the words “courteous, diplomatic and reserved” to describe him. (S and I were like, “What did you do to our son???” Hahahahahaha!) It was an eye-opener because K isn’t at all reserved at home. In fact, between P and K, K seemed to be like the one who’d want to try something new!
  • K is like a kuya in school. He lets the little kids go ahead, he helps the smaller ones reach for their bags and all.

  • It’s great daw that his development is sabay-sabay. Meaning cognitive, socio-emotional and physical are all developing together. The thing is, he’s advanced compared to the rest of the class. What does this mean? Well, his teachers are more challenged to challenge him. Take for example at the flour table (yup they play with flour), the common question for toddlers is “what will happen (if you put the flour into the sifter)?”. For K, they put a ball in the sifter (after his seeing the flour fall out) and ask him “What do you think will happen to the ball?” (Apparently, he answered, “will not come out”—with a smirk pa raw!)
  • He’s very sweet—he always — always! — shares his baon, especially with Teacher M. We don’t know if it’s because she’s pregnant, or she doesn’t feel like eating solids (because of her pregnancy). There was a time that he shared his rice cracker with her because she didn’t have anything for a snack. Plus, another time that he brought an extra pack for her!
  • One thing they’d like to work on though, is his penchant for keeping his hands clean—seems like he doesn’t like fingerpainting, handling things that make his hands dirty.
  • Oh, and lastly, they’re thinking of making The Very Hungry Caterpillar a theme in the next few weeks because he is super interested in it.  I’m soooo excited for him!

S and I were really surprised at the feedback. He seems to have a totally different personality at home! We’re all thinking that it might be because in school, he can shine (diba nga he’s number 2 in the house?).

We’re excited to see how his teachers will challenge him and what they have in store. But beginning today, we’re going to be playing with play-doh to get him used to dirtying his hands.


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3 responses to “PTC with Ks teachers

  • delish

    wow naman… am so proud of Kev din 😀

    (some kids talaga show a different side to their personality in schools, away from the dynamics of their family at home)

    at sis… here is further proof that all your advocacy and effort and whatever is paying off 🙂 congrats din to you!

  • Joanne

    This is such a heartwarming post. Thanks for sharing.

    Kevin sounds like an extremely sweet child. I guess it’s a true testament to the fact that good kids are raised by good parents. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  • JohnnyO

    I agree with Joanne – this is a heartwarming post. I find my interactions with teachers to be very similar. Very simply, I find that others see a different side of my kids & open my eyes to a new reality. I enjoy those interactions as it seems you do too – a chance to see the wonderfulness of our children. Keep writing – JohnnyO

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