Okay, so P skipped school for two days because of a tummy problem.  He’s finally gone back today not before telling me, “Mom, do you have gel?”

Me:  What for?

P:  I want to put gel in my hair like my classmate, J.

Me:  Oh.  (Wondering if the gel that’s way back in the closet is still safe to use.)  Uhm, I have wax, and that works pretty well.  Your uncle (S’s brother) uses it.

P:  Oh okay.

Fast forward to “about to leave for school”:

I take out the Gatsby Hard Wax that I have and start fixing his hair.

See, P’s hair isn’t like easy to fix…well, nor do I know what to do, honestly.  This is as good as I could go, without laughing out loud (I was half incredulous that he wanted to put gel in his hair and half wondering how to do it).  Plus, over and above that—I wanted to take pictures.  Look at his face in the 3rd picture—he was frustrated at me (plus the helpers who were all giggling) that he just said, “look, let’s forget it” and wanted to wash the wax out of this hair.

Well, he’s too young to put on gel anyway.  =p


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3 responses to “Gel

  • feng

    oh my! Jen, binata na si P at gusto na rin gumamit ng gel. my brother uses Splash Hair Polish and sometimes Suave. it’s better than gel I think, and smells good pa.

    but yes, you’re right, P is so young yet to groom/style his hair like that, esp. he’s going to school. 🙂 naku, these kids talaga…

  • candishhh

    Jen! He looks so much like you!! 🙂

  • auee

    uh-oh… Kuya is “making porma” na ha. Nakakatuwa.

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