K in school

P and I went to pick up K at school yesterday.  (P was sick at home because of a tummy ache.)

Since I don’t pick up K often, I took the chance to talk to his Teacher M.

She told me that K might seem bored in toddler class.  He really likes puzzles and he finished the puzzles they have in class so they had to borrow other puzzles from the vertical class (9 piece puzzles).  Also, he made a very very long link today using the fruits link toy.  (They were impressed because he spent a lot of time making it and his attention on his work was very good, plus his fine motor skills were excellent for a child his age.)  They also noticed how he grips a pencil, as in adult grip—do they call it tripod or something?  I can’t remember.

And in one of his artworks (using a squeeze bottle—think ketchup for hotdogs), you could notice that his had a lot of paint on, because he’s so strong he can squeeze really hard.

Eto pa…he brought japanese rice cakes today for snacktime.  His Teacher A likes it too, so she brings some for herself and eats also during snack time.  I guess K noticed Teacher M not eating (pregnant now, and doesn’t feel like eating, just drinking), so he said to her, “here, eat naman”.  Of course, with pregnancy hormones and all, naiyak siya.  (hahahahahahaha!  She had to stop teaching daw and recompose herself!)

Last—when two of K’s classmates were crying, he touched their cheek and said, “come na, don’t cry, let’s play, join me.”  (and when I was telling S this, he was like, “who are you and what did you do to my son??  Hahahahahahahaha!)

I was telling Teacher M how guilty I feel now compared to when P was a toddler because I wasn’t working until P was a year and a half.  I was able to homeschool him with the concepts—ABCs, 123s, colors, shapes (did you know that he knew what hexagons, heptagons, octagons, nonagons, decagons, undecagons and dodecagons were when he was not even 2?).  But with K, I was working, and P was already around and I had to divide my time between both (plus work, plus S, plus myself).

Ultimately, his teachers are actually more challenged because they have to think of ways how to challenge K to do more.  It is so heartwarming to hear about his stories in class.


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