S in on a trip now. He’s in Bangkok with some of his law school classmates.

And I was kinda feeling lonely last Sunday (and I did want to have some spicy food!) so I decided to have dinner out. It took me a long while to decide who I should ask. Why? I needed to ask someone who would eat spicy food, who would not have any responsibilities (i.e., kids) to attend to (as I wanted to just hang), and it should be someone I really like talking to (why the heck go out with someone who doesn’t make good conversation, right?).

I went through my phone book and I passed most letters! They were either hitched with children or inaccessible (not in the Philippines, don’t prefer spicy food, too far from where I live).

Even my sisters, I couldn’t ask. One lives in Alabang (the one who’d eat spicy food), and the other, who lives nearby (New Manila), doesn’t. Scratch them out.

I finally found the perfect person when I got to letter “T”.

T is a relatively new friend (but really, it feels like we’ve known each other for a long long time!!); the fiancee of one of S’s barkada. I love this girl to bits! So, we had dinner in one of their super yummy restaurants, Biwon, on EDSA.

We talked about their wedding, about her “T”, and S, and their friends.  Though she is several years younger than me, we seem to be talking on the same level.  Our barkada has always thought that my friend T is an old soul, which is why she fits in perfectly.  =)

I realized, as I drove myself home after a very filling and sumptuous dinner, that I’m truly thankful that I still have girlfriends that I can call at the last minute! Most my other friends would have to “schedule” me into their day (and I guess I generally would have to do that to them too, but really, if I wanted to, I could still meet up on a moment’s notice!).

So I texted T at the end of the evening that I’m thankful I have girlfriends like her.  Apparently, she was texting me back at the same time, saying that when she and T get married, we should do it more often, especially their place will be closer to ours.

I guess that even when marital status changes, it’ll be really nice if the “I’ll be there” promises we made as kids will still hold true.


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2 responses to “Girlfriends!

  • delish

    hay nako… this is one big concern for me talaga… i know i have real good friends pero everyone seems so busy na talaga. even the ones who live in the same area takes me months and a lot of text brigades before i can actually have dinner with them!

    and when i got preggy and required bedrest, lalo na! 😀

    girlfriends should be kept better than boyfriends, i swear! esply for us na married na and won’t have other boyfriends, bwahahaha…

  • jencc

    hay mec, siguro girlfriends din tayo pag malapit tayo nakatira sa isa’t-isa. and tama yang last sentence mo. hahahahahahaahahahaha!

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