Lunch at The Greenhouse Bistro

We spent the weekend at Tagaytay Highlands with the boys. The weather was fabulous! Cool breeze on a clear day, slight drizzle–it was perfect!

We left Manila Friday afternoon, but because of this

we got to the ridge nearly 8pm already.

And since the kids were so excited, S and I (plus N, our helper) found it so difficult to sleep. For one, there was K who kept jumping out of bed and wanting to do things, and P who was in bed but couldn’t stop saying “Mom, I’m having difficulty sleeping, I’m so excited” for what seemed a million times to me. So I was there, in bed, thisclose to zonking out when I hear another, “Mom?” and of course, mom instincts kicked in so I automatically respond, “Yes, yes P? What’s wrong?” And of course, he says for the zillionth time, “I’m so excited, I can’t sleep.” Arrgh!

This trip is the first time in plenty that S didn’t have work. So Saturday morning was slow for us. But as with most trips out of town, the kids have some strange way of getting up earlier than usual, and this trip is the same.

Tried to keep them quiet to give S an hour more of sleep but it didn’t really work. We spent Saturday morning outside, and bought cheese at Santis per P’s request, then got the standard pasalubong for the in-laws—flowers for MIL and this time, we got kapeng barako for FIL as he drinks coffee (dunno if it’s any good though).

Saturday lunches at Tagaytay for the kids only mean one thing–fried chicken. They have a choice of either McDonald’s or Jollibee. This time, they chose the latter.

And since S didn’t have a meeting there that day, it meant that we can have a lunch date! Yay!

We ate at a place within Highlands called The Greenhouse Bistro.

It was just on the corner, right off the main road of Highlands, leading down to Tagaytay Midlands.

Here’s how it looked from the outside, nice homey looking place.

The Greenhouse Bistro serves a buffet of salad and pasta. And since they plant and harvest their own greens at the greenhouse in the back of the restaurant, you get only the freshest!

Here’s the inside (all from our table as I was too lazy to get up) —


On the far left is the soup (had cream of spinach soup that day) and the greens, plus other stuff you can put in your salad–pomelo, tomatoes, mangoes, pop beans (!), cucumbers, carrots, there were more than a dozen, really but I don’t remember the rest because I only had a few things on it…

Check out how fresh the greens were!!!

It’s very simple–as you only have a choice of 2 dressings—vinaigrette or honey mustard. (Guess which is which!!)

And our salad had greens, mangoes, pop beans, and bits of pomelo. Yum!!!


After that, we forgot our no-carb diets and attacked the pasta buffet. Guests had a choice of the following pasta: penne, spaghetti or linguini with the following sauces: aglio olio, tomato sauce, cream sauce or pesto sauce. Then they get to pick out what they’d like in the pasta—

And I chose olive oil and garlic linguini with sundried tomatoes, salmon, onions, anchovies, a bit of hungarian sausage, and bacon. It was super! (Oh, and I asked them to saute it in LOTS of garlic! S and I believe that most anything can taste better when there’s more garlic!)

S had this…and I’m guessing he had olives, squid rings, onions, hungarian sausage, capers…and I don’t know what na. But it was good as well!

Oh, and they also served bread–I won’t say it’s foccacia because it doesn’t taste like it (but kinda looks like it), but has a lot of cheese on top. It’s served with butter and herbs and pesto (which is really good because it tasted very fresh).

At the end of the meal, they served tarragon tea—which was hot water with tarragon leaves.

It was a great lunch, really!   S and I had a good time reconnecting because we’ve been out of sync the past week or so.  I’ve gone back to doing yoga (I realy really need it!!!) and my body clock’s been adjusting.  He’s been keeping late nights at the office because of work (or so he says!).

Before lunch ended, the drizzle outside started to become stronger and by the time we were nearly ready to go, it was pouring!

It was lovely, really.   Imagine you’re in a little house in the middle of nowhere but all greens all around, and the white puffy clouds hovering and the rain coming down a little harder than a drizzle.  That plus a cool breeze.  Perfect.

This is why we love Tagaytay.  I’m sure the kids can’t wait to go back there again.

Will be sharing with you other pictures we took there in the next few posts.


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