My little Coin bearer

Guess who walked the red carpet last Sunday?

Thanks so much to Kuya P, K walked during the wedding of S’s cousin. P was the one who taught him what to do, pretending to be the priest at home. Here’s a pic (of a pic!) of K as he was walking down the aisle.


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3 responses to “My little Coin bearer

  • Bea

    Dear Jen,
    Happy birthday, girl! More blessings!

  • feng

    good thing he walked down the aisle. yung ibang kids kasi, they’re on tantrums just as when the wedding march is about to start.

    was it your bday today as i read in the first comment? well then, happy happy birthday girl. more blessing to you and your family. 🙂

  • auee

    aba Cancerian ka din pala… Belated Happy Birthday!

    Ohh I love ring & coin bearers. Behaved ang young man ha. You must have felt really proud.

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