Hello, I’m J…

…and I’m a mineral makeup-aholic.

I never thought I’d get this far. Honestly. I was never the type to put anything on my face. I hated makeup! It was bothersome. Sometimes, I’d forget I was wearing some then I’d suddenly scratch an itch on my forehead, then I’d find some foundation on my nails. Ugh.

Then one day, something strange happened. I was reading a thread in one of my egroups about makeup. About Bare Escentuals, in particular.

The girls in the group were saying that this brand was great because it covered pretty well and was really like AND — just in case you fall asleep in it, it was okay! That is was gentle enough for the most sensitive skin! This brand claimed “natural” and since I was going that way, I figured I’d give it a try.

I was able to find resellers here in Manila who sold *sample sizes* or 1/8 teaspoon of product in a pot. Just enough for a few weeks (or even longer if you don’t use that much) to try it out.

I didn’t know I’d be hooked. Yup, sunk in deep. I’ve been in and out of makeup rehab several times. I just got some brushes and full jars of my favorite eyeshadows.

Just to let you know, these are what I’m using now:

Foundation – Monave Saturnina and Sandra

Loose powder – Manila Herbal‘s Fabulous Face Powder

Blush – I’ve several from Everyday Minerals, Monave, Luminare and Bare Escentuals

Eyeshadow – I have a mix of Everyday Minerals, Luminare and Bare Escentuals but b.e. glimmers are the BEST!!!

And check out my different looks with my MMU!

And this is the one that I’m most proud of—because of the blended eyeshadows!!!


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6 responses to “Hello, I’m J…

  • leira

    hi.. happy birthday!!!

  • lizzz

    wow! Maybe I should start on my invest make-ups as well… hmmm…

  • jencc

    thanks leirs!

    lizzzz….naku, you haven’t even seen the “before” pics! effective talaga ang mmu!!! 😀

  • auee

    Aba nice shots & the model looks really swell! Buti ka pa you have nice skin

  • Joy GV

    Hi Jen…been following your blog recently, hope you remember me… This is Joy Garrido-Valera, Ecosoc alumni (Econ’91). We saw each other last pa siguro when Stan and I were in UPLaw. I’m based in the US and yes, an avid mineral makeup fan. I am half loyal to Bare Escentuals and the other half is to purminerals. I love the latter kasi theirs is pressed. No messy stuff to deal with. Wanted to try Everyday Minerals but I haven’t been able to find a retail store that carries it here in my area (still searching though). Regards to Stan and your kids are so cute!

  • Leyende « J and the three boys

    […] day after, I tried the routine again, but put my mineral makeup this time.  And the astounding thing was what my makeup stayed on!!  Yay!!  Previously, without […]

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