My AP-d Babies

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One day, I hear my two boys playing.

P (after falling off from his pogo stick): Ow! Ow!! Ow!!! I have an owie!!!!!!!!

K: Kuya, I’ll kiss your owie.

P: Okay *sniff*

K: *tssssup* okay na, kuya?

P: Thanks, K.

K: I love you, Kuya.

P: I love you too, Kevin.

I honestly don’t know how other children are. But I’m glad that P and K love each other the way they do. P looks out for K and K idolizes his kuya. It never ceases to amaze me that whatever his kuya does, K will surely follow (thus we call him kuya’s pwet!).

I’d like to think that they’re this way because of the choice we’ve made in implementing our parenting style. We’ve breastfed both kids (I say “we” because without the support of my husband, I don’t think I’d get far), we co-sleep with them (sex gets challenging!), we babywear (more often than not, I do, but S does, sometimes), we also use gentle discipline, and give them limits.

We still have a loooooong way to go since they’re still very young. But both S and I hope to raise conscientious, caring, responsible children.



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3 responses to “My AP-d Babies

  • Misterhubs

    So cute. And they look so alike. 🙂

  • auee

    That’s really admirable. Perhaps they also see how you and your husband treat each other. I believe that if they see you’re showy and affectionate, the kids will be the same. It’s fantastic that they share this bond this early. Sana kung maging more than 1 ang anak namin, ganyan din.

    I love the pictures! Your little one reminds me of Chinese figurines I used to see when I was little. Really adorable, parang ang sarap i-kiss.

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