He called her Brutus

In today’s interview of Yilmaz, he called Ruffa “Brutus”. Of course, he meant *this* Brutus—>

What was funny was that I had *this* Brutus in mind!


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7 responses to “He called her Brutus

  • JohnnyO

    LOL – when you mentioned Brutus, I thought of the Popeye character as well. Must be the wonderful stage of my life (not a testament to my maturity) LOL.

    Thanks for visiting my blog & yes would love to contribute to the Mom Exchange as a Dad Contributor.

  • Mec


    ‘Brutus’ naman to us will always be the parrot we had for ten years 😀

  • auee

    Baka naman Popeye’s Brutus nga ang nasa isip ni Ruffa

  • auee

    acheche…I re-read your post, si ruffa si brutus? Huh? Perhaps I need to check the interview hehe

  • - c h i c s i m p l e l i v i n g -

    shucks! ako din! i didn’t realize it until i read your blog…hehe

  • feng

    jen, we’re thinking of the same thing. yay. brutus of popeye and olive. kala ko nga, nagpapatawa si Yilmaz. 🙂

  • Kelly

    Hi Jen,

    love your blog. your posts always make me smile (if not, laugh! gaya nitong post mo tungkol kay brutus. hahahah!). looking forward to getting some (eye)make-up advice from you soon. 🙂

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