Wedding Guests

S and I attended a wedding at the Shangri-la Makati on behalf of his parents last night.

I expected it to be boring (didn’t know anyone!) but it turned out to be okay (our friend was the videographer for the wedding)! For one thing, when we saw the setting, I was hopeful that the food was good. I assumed that since there were a lot of utensils per person, if we go by volume, there would at least be something I liked.

Here was what was for dinner:

We had —

Smoked Salmon and Grilled Tiger Prawns served with Mesclun Greens and Sesame Aioli (my husband said that the prawns were great…I agreed, in fact it was all great! I did wonder though, where the aioli in the sesame thing was because it didn’t takes like aioli at all.)

Wild Mushroom Cream with Pine Nuts with Rosemary Crouton, Sauteed Shitake Mushrooms (well, the last part could be wrong, I can’t decipher the picture!) THIS, was fab! It tasted like the mushroom soup served at our wedding! I wish I could have asked for a second bowl. Hahahaha!

Caramelized Gindara Fillet on Pumpkin Mash (the gindara was yummy, the mash was very smooth, but I’d probably like it more if I were a baby starting on solid food)

Grilled Boneless Chicken with Rosemary Jus with Herb Rice, Asparagus Spears and Tomato Confit (by this time, I was too full. S ate some, but said it wasn’t as good as the rest)

Chocolate Yasmin and Chocolate –insert French name that I can’t read here– with Anglaise Sauce and Brandied Cherries (pretty good!)
I had fun with my mobile cam and took other pics:

Look at the setting on our table! Pretty! (and pretty standard, really, meaning, there wasn’t anything different about this wedding. Our friends had air dancers in theirs, now THAT’s different!)

These looked like the giveaways, heart shaped cactus! Cute, isn’t it?

Here’s S, bored.

Here’s the last part of the AVP shown. Isn’t that sweet?

And this is us…I think I put too much eyebrow color. I hope that my new brush will help apply my brow color better.

The parents of the bride came up to speak–actually only the dad did because he said that the mom didn’t want to as she might cry. The speech actually make me cry. The bride is the eldest of three girls, and they seemed so close!

I asked S why no one cried at our wedding. He reminded me that I cried each time we practiced reading our vows to each other. (On hindsight, it was a good thing we practiced because if we didn’t, no one may have understood what I was saying through the tears.)

Here are the parents of the groom, the dad was really cute. He spoke with a Chinese accent.

And below, are snippets from their onsite video:

To Wils and Nikki (even though we don’t know you!!): we wish you a happy life together!

Anyway, I was asking Stan what we’d be doing for our tenth anniversary…magugulat nalang kayong lahat! Hahahahahaha!


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3 responses to “Wedding Guests

  • auee

    Wedding these days are getting more and more complicated (& expensive) each year. Grabeceous yang do na pinuntahan nyo, may big screen pa! Well I guess if they can afford the Shang, then they have the money to spend for the prenup photos & videos, for the wedding planner, for the website, and for the actual wedding itself!


    First off, thanks for dropping by!

    I recently attended a wedding of a family friend and auee’s right … It’s more high tech nowadays.

    Happy weekend!

  • feng

    that was a very luxurious wedding you attended. i wonder how much the couple spent for their big day.

    at hahaha, envy to the max daw si mommy jen. sige, at invite me sa 10th anniv renewal of vows ba? 🙂

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