Halalan 2007

I voted, I voted!

Honestly, it was only because S took so long in his line. (I didn’t want to because I had such a nice manicure and I didn’t want the indelible ink to ruin it!) So I asked the people who were at my precinct to please *please* put a little bit because I didn’t want to ruin my manicure.

And guess who I saw??

Mother and daughter, Loi and Jackie. I didn’t get a picture of Jude because when they walked in, I was wondering why JV was with them, it turned out to be Jude (who’s just as hefty as his brother and his half-brother!!).Wonder who they’re voting for???

Justice Bernardo Pardo

And…I suppose you guys know who this is, I will not say anything as I might say something nasty. LOL!

And this really nice GMA7 reporter. I was too embarrassed to ask for her name. So here she is, nameless.

And THIS is the *Ballot Secrecy Folder*. (Heck, it’s not like other people can’t see what you’re writing.)

THIS is what’s behind the Ballot Secrecy Folder.

Here’s a closer look—notice how they crossed out the other Cayetano guy’s name.

This is how the official ballot looked like before I wrote on it.

And after some alcohol, this is how my manicured finger looked like. I voted.


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2 responses to “Halalan 2007

  • feng

    “And this really nice GMA7 reporter. I was too embarrassed to ask for her name. So here she is, nameless.”

    hi jen! i’m delurking now. 🙂 tagal kong inisip kung sino yang reporter na yan. si lei alvis pala.

    so much OK linking me up. thanks. 🙂

  • jencc

    haaaay, salamat feng…siya nga yun. 🙂

    thanks for leaving a comment. i am always excited when people do. kahit my family. hahahahaha!

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