My Mom’s Day

See that? After so many years, I finally have polish on my fingernails, and for the first time in my entire life, I have polish on my toe-sies.

S treated me to an afternoon at the spa. He took me to Bizzie Lizzie along Annapolis.

It was soooo relaxing, I dozed off on my chair! How was your Mom’s Day?


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3 responses to “My Mom’s Day

  • auee

    wow you’ve got a nice foot 🙂 hehe
    Makikita mo previous comment ko compliment din. I just envy girls with slim feet.

  • jencc

    honestly? angulo lang yan! and i had to suck my breath! (hahahahahahaha! kidding!) i’ve fat feet, i always have a hard time finding comfortable shoes.

  • auee

    no way… parang slim naman sa picture ah.
    Anyhu, I’ve determined I need a pedicure na din hehe

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