Guess who’s in MWM??

Got featured in the May 2007 issue of Metro Working Mom!! Yahoo!!


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6 responses to “Guess who’s in MWM??

  • Stephen

    Next time, can you tell the magazine publisher to print out your maiden name, and not write “CC”.

    Para naman malaman ng mundo na CHUA CAEDO ka at hindi isang di hamak na “CC” lamang!


  • Fantastic Fabulous Faith

    Wow Jen!! Congrats!! Nice pix too..

  • Mec

    congrats!!!! pati sa guesting mo mamaya sa anc 🙂

  • auee

    nice PR… Allow me to compliment you, you’re very pretty.

    Where was Next9 when I was preggy? More power to the biz, I tagged Next9 in my for “future reference”

  • jencc

    hi auee, thanks for the compliment! syempre i’m major tickled pink! hahahaha! because only my mom and my husband say that. oh, and my kids pala! my biggest fans. hay, even for us, we didn’t have next9 yet when we were preggy. thanks for stopping by!

  • julie

    Ang pretty naman! Hope you would be able to attend the mommy lunch. 🙂

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