Yoga in the Heat!

I got this from Tris yesterday. No more skipping yoga, except today because we’re going to the organic market at Paseo de Magallanes.


We all know this truth: yoga is more mind than body.

This statement is specially relevant when attending the summer classes. It’s hot and humid outside and its even hotter in the yoga room. It feels like the yoga room is set on slow bake.

True, classes with a lot of students combined with the weather that is already hot and humid can make for an ultra-challenging class. It would be absolutely normal to think “Oh my God, its so hot!!”, “This is so hard. I give up” or “Its so hot . . . I can’t breathe”. With this mindset, then the distractions to your practice start to steamroll: you begin to reach for your towel more in an effort to wipe away the sweat (which, by the way, will return anyway), you keep drinking water and you prevent yourself from doing the one thing you came to Bikram yoga to do: to discipline yourself in letting go, being still and just BEING.

Granted, the summer classes are more challenging. Yet I suggest to you that if you make the most of these wonderfully hot summer classes, you will find your practice rise to a different level. It takes so much more focus, perseverance and determination in a very hot class.

So here’s my bit of unsolicated advice when class is very hot.

1. Emphasize slowing down your breath, full deep inhales, long slow exhales during and in between postures. You will find how much more control you have.
2. Leave the sweat. The sweat acts as a protective layer from the heat. When you wipe it away, you take away the protection and you will just sweat more as the body regulates internal heat by bringing the heat inside the body to the outside through the mechanism of sweat.
3. Try to be as still as possible. The more you move, the more you generate internal heat and you will sweat more.
4. Let go of your thoughts and focus on your body and the sound of your teachers voice.

Follow the above bullet list and your practice will improve tremendously. Then the changes start to appear: you are more patient with people and situations, you are able to focus better, it becomes easier to let go of things that have the potential to upset you or cause you stress, you become more headstrong in pursuing things you want in your life.

Why? Because the environment in the yoga room is so extreme that we end up making a habit of virtues that serve us in our everyday lives: discipline, patience, strong work ethic, determination. This is the power of having yoga as part of our lives.

And at the end of class, as you pass by the last mirror of the yoga room, it dawns on you . . . it wasn’t the room that was hot . YOU were hot!

So just wink at yourself in the mirror and think “See you in here again tomorrow, gorgeous.”

Till our next class together . . .


Bikram Yoga Manila
Unit 1503 88 Corporate Center
141 Valero cor Sedeno St.
Salcedo Village, Makati 1227
Tel: 889 – 1011

Bikram Yoga Manila
5/F CKB Centre
203 T. Morato Avenue
Quezon City
Tel: 376 – 4632


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