Sincerity Restaurant

You know how they say that Chinatown (Binondo) is home to a lot of good Chinese restaurants? Well, at the end of Holy Week, my folks and S went to an old favorite–Sincerity Restaurant.

The place was old, but they had fixed the interiors. You could tell because of the newly painted walls, well, and of course, my mom and dad were talking about how it used to look too.

It seems that they’ve kept up with the trend because now, you can take out their noodles in bilaos (these are containers made of — I don’t know…anahao?, which is a natural material used for handicrafts) already. Also, their chicken take out is placed in boxes! (as opposed to just wrapped in plastic)

Here’s a fuzzy snapshot of their menu–I didn’t do that on purpose. It’s just that we didn’t bring our camera and I just used my phone’s camera.

They’re famous for their fried chicken (scrumptuous!! delicious!), their cha mi (sauteed noodles — fat ones that look like udon), their yo chi misua (kidney misua) and a misua (duck misua), oyster cake (it’s oyster omelette, really), and their kikiam (some sort of meat wrapped in something).

We were all so hungry, I only had a chance to take a picture of the fried chicken, which disappeared after a few minutes.

We had that, kikiam, cha mi, sweet and sour pork (not good), sate beef (tasty but meat was not too tender), asparagus and garlic (good!), we had plain rice and S had garlic rice (which was tasty!). I was sooo full and had no space for dessert.

Sincerity Restaurant
497 Nueva St.




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