7th Heaven

I always look forward to Holy Week now because of the reruns of 7th Heaven.

I’ve read some reviews online that say it’s the cheesiest–albeit addicting–series by Aaron Spelling. But I LOVE THIS SHOW!

I’m not usually a television person, but I swear, this has got me hooked to the tv with entire day. Yesterday, Good Friday, they had a 9 episode marathon, and today, Black Saturday, it’s an 11 episode marathon! Woohoo!

No time to eat, no time for a shower, no time for a pee! Hahahahaha!


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2 responses to “7th Heaven

  • grumpyurbanslacker

    i used to like 7th Heaven…it used to air saturday nights so many years ago…pero i think they got sidetracked into all these new characters so i lost interest. Pero that girl Lucy is so cute! 😀

  • Princess In Vain

    I used to watch Marathons too during my younger years ( kala mo naman sinong matanda? ), but I’ve lost interest too! The characters just kept on getting complicated!

    On the other hand, I super love Gilmore Girls! Watched the marathon last Thur 🙂

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