Elections 2007

(this is a x posting from MomEx)

This is *not* going to be a political post. Quite far from it, actually, because I’m not much into politics (but after today, I might have to be).

Recently, my husband and I were talking over dinner about the elections. Our eldest who listens and joins in to our mealtime conversations informed us that he wanted to “help” us vote. (We had to explain what elections are, and what “vote” is.)

On our trip out today with my mom, she mentioned that she wanted to vote for __ who was running for senator. When P mentioned that he wanted to vote too, and we explained that the right to suffrage begins only when he turns 18, he was upset (if he only knew the scoundrels who are running! =p ).

I figured that we could use this as a chance to learn something from! So I said that we can pretend that he can vote. But before he can, he should know the different people who are running, and what positions they’re running for. Also, what kind of people are needed for the positions and what their platforms are (why we should vote for them…can they help make the country a better place?).

I went to the state university for my undergrad and graduate courses. And in most cases, people from there are very idealistic, such as myself. (Of course, several of them have gone “astray”…) But however idealistic one is, you cannot shield yourself from the reality of how politics is (no, don’t worry this isn’t going to be a political bashing thing) in the Philippines.

Times like these remind me to try and do my part in being a good citizen, and to raise good citizens. I hope that the other parents out there are one with me in this, and one day, the Philippines will be great again. (Please vote for me. Hahahahahaha! Kidding!)


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