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I still remember that very first Valentine’s Day 21 (gads, has it been that long??) years ago. Both S and I were in highschool and I was major giddy because I found out a few months ago that he liked me. I received, that very Valentine’s morning, a box of long stemmed red roses from Petals and Twigs (man, blast from the past…do any of you guys remember this place in front of what is now called V Mall??) We probably went out on a date that night too, but I honestly can’t recall where.

Yes, we’re that type of a couple. We actually go out on Valentine’s Day itself. And, unlike most people, we hardly run into traffic (maybe this year, but then who knows?).

My most memorable V-Days are:

  • the V-Day before we got married: we had dinner at the Lopez Center in Antipolo. Stan got tickets to a concert by The CompanY while Grassi’s catered dinner. We also had a chance to sleep over but then, strict ang parents ko. =) So we went home.
  • the V-Day before P was born: I was so huge then (P was due in March so you guys can imagine!). We decided to join his cousins’ Valentine’s luau. S surprised me when we entered into the house of his relatives. He prepared a bunch of tulips, plus some goodies from Santis! He got me whole wheat pandesal (which I was craving for) from a bakery in Galleria (yes, you crave strange things when pregnant), parma ham, and some steak and lamb he grilled for me for dinner.
  • the V-Day after K: I wasn’t as huge as I was after I delivered K (I’m thinking it was the successful breastfeeding! Woohoo!). We had a nice quiet dinner at this place called Cookbook Kitchen, right beside Paul’s preschool, Explorations. Since they had no special menu, we just ordered, and we ordered a LOT!! (I was bfg remember?) Love their baked parmesan fish!!!
  • the V-Day that we didn’t plan anything (last year): we decided to throw fate to the wind and see where it would take us. We ended up at this little place called Barcino’s, along J Vargas. Read about it here.


This year’s V-Day was the best EVER! (But yes, finally, after all those years, we ran into traffic. I left the house late to go to his office kasi.)

When I got to his office, he was already waiting for me with a dozen pink roses. They were so pretty! We headed to Santis at Astoria Plaza. We got cheese (bleu cheese, edam and gauda) and sausages (milano, polish, hungarian and pancetta)!

It took a while to get to the place we were going to (yes, yes, traffic!) but then we eventually made it a little past 730pm (which isn’t bad at all, I think!). We got to the penthouse of the building where we were going to picnic. (We should have been there a lot earlier, and because I was late, we missed the sunset. *sigh*, oh well…)

This was how our little picnic looked like–

And our food, upclose:

It was really nice. We spent time just talking, and watching the cars go by, and the lights of the city. It was great that the breeze was cool as well.

On the way home, S mentioned that he forgot about dessert. So we stopped by our old favorite, Cookbook Kitchen, to get some scarlet cake. (Man, they’ve come a long way from our V-Day nearly two years ago. They were serving a full house! =) ) Mmmmm….their scarlet cake is as good as we remember it to be

One of my most favorite V-Days!! S has certainly racked up those pogi points!!


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  • lee

    hey jen! lianne here. saw your blog through the signature in your email 🙂 ang sweet niyo namana!! that’s really nice that you guys still make it a point to do something on vday. belated happy vday!

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