Don’t we all like feedback? To see how we’re doing at work (we get performance evaluations), at school (we get a report card), at projects (its success).

Every now and then, I get feedback about how S and I parent. Like last night.

We were at my mom’s house since it was her birthday. At the dinner table were myself, my second sis, G, my bro, S, mom, and dad and P. My grandma came to visit from next door. Next thing I knew, P stood up (in the middle of dinner…and I was about to say, “come back and eat” which is my usual script with him), went to the plates cupboard, got a plate and a pair of utensils and went over to my grandmother to give them to her, indicating that she join us for dinner!!!!!!!!

My goodness! I have no idea where P learned to do that! But then that was loud and clear feedback to me. I hope it’s because S and I have been doing something right!! =)


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