FINALLY, some inspiration!

S is blogging again. Well, more like he’s updated his blog. We were at Market! Market! yesterday and tried out some new places. I was so happy, I had a chance to take pictures too.

We had lunch at Trellis, reliving days at UP.

We had the usual fare–sisig (heck, how could we have NOT?? Check out the picture below), garlic kangkong and this thing called crackling liempo! S will blog about it, so check his site sometime soon!

We went around Market! Market! and S bought some cloth for tailored shirts. We looked for a good place to have some dessert but couldn’t find any, so we headed for Serendra!

And these are the sights we saw:

This is how Serendra looked from Market!
S felt that they could have chosen better colors, but I kinda liked it. We both agreed that it reminds us a lot of Singapore. The development was nice and cozy. And he said that if he were single and could afford it, this would be a place he’d like to live in (yes, even if he thought that the color was drab).

We didn’t go into this place, but it was one of the first few establishments as you walk into Serendra from Market! Market!. It looked like an interesting place. It seemed (to me) like a Starbucks except, instead of coffee, they served tea.

I mostly liked the colors, so I took a picture of the sign. =)

This is, of course, what you see when you’re in the middle of the courtyard of Serendra. I wonder who made the fountain. Whether it’s my friend E’s friend R. The Ayalas are supposed to be his sukis, buying pieces from him even before he actually sells them! Wish I were artistic sometimes! Hahaha!!

And since we were there, we figure we’d try out Cupcakes by Sonja — but it was so full! The place was really cute though. I took this next picture while we were inside. I couldn’t of the cupcakes because there were so many people at the counter!

See all the heads? See what I mean? It was so cute inside. Reminded me of a house with white picket fences. It even had an old style radio (which I couldn’t take a picture of because of my fixed lens!).

Here is where we ate (and what S blogged about): Miss Desserts

Honestly didn’t expect much. I mean, with a name like “Miss Desserts”? Sounds like they didn’t have other cooler names, huh? (Hahahahaha!) But I tell you, that name is just a misnomer—the place serves killer desserts!

When you enter, you’ll see several black and white photographs (seems like they were taken in France!) either of the walls and in front, you see these posters. Just looking at them can make one salivate.

I asked which one is the “deadliest” and they said that Fantasia was (the picture on the leftmost). We’ll have to come back for that one (can you believe S wanted to have one after we had personal sizes of the New York Cheesecake and Sugar-Free Banana Cream Pie? Unbelievable! I told him we’d better save it for the next visit.

So that you guys have an idea of the other stuff they serve, check this out and drool…

Just as a last picture to leave you with, reminiscent of our picture on a bridge in Paris. Here’s a picture of S and myself:


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5 responses to “FINALLY, some inspiration!

  • Mia

    hi jen! great pics. what’s yoru camera? =D

  • jencc

    yehey, finally, may nag comment (which means may nagbabasa ng blog ko…hahahahaha!). we have a nikon d50, mia. i used a fixed lens (50mm), without flash (i prefer this setting). i don’t bother much with the tech side (you can ask S!), i just shoot what i feel is nice. =)

  • Mia

    Uy, dream ko yun Nikon D50 ah! All our manual cameras here are Nikon so our lenses puro Nikon too. So if I get a digital SLR, most probably will get a Nikon din. (I’m not so much with the Canon one) No budget lang nga. Hehehe!
    P.S. I do read your blog =D

  • bubbles

    have been hearing about miss desserts from friends but never go to go. i agree pictures are great, layout is likewise classy. Looking forward to your next blog on how you rate Fantasia—the killer dessert.

  • jencc

    hi bubbles, thanks for the compliment. the layout of the post is actually screwed, so i hope you mean the layout of each picture. hahahahahaha! 🙂

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