The past few months have seen me “regressing” a bit. Felt the need to go out and party, turning to house music and trying things that I haven’t done since university. (No need to go into details, my mother might be reading…)

And coming from an 80s background, I found it hard to find house music that I actually liked. Until S told me about a new site called This site is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!!

The site helps one find music that one might like based on the song one enters into the new station function. Their “single mission is to to help us discover new music we’ll love.” For example, I created a station called “Love Generation” by Bob Sinclair. What Pandora will give me back are songs that sort of sound the same, same melody, harmony, instrumentation, vocals, lyrics, etc. of the song I entered.

Isn’t that MAJOR cool? I’ve been listening to it often (when I’m at the computer during the day). Try it out!!


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