Neighborhood Store

A few weeks ago, S and I went to his law school Christmas party. And as usual, we were early (ack, major losers!) so we figured that it would be best to drop by the “neighborhood store” and I took pictures–until they told me I shouldn’t.

Lookit the deli!!

Here’s the pasta…

and the BOOZE!!!!

And THIS was what S wanted to buy…at PhP800++ bucks a pop…so he didn’t. Hehe!

I think that all Santis branches are nice and cozy. This felt the coziest of them all. It was small, cramped, and filled with stuff. Imagine a snowy evening out (of course, it didn’t) and people who lived nearby dropping in to buy stuff that they missed out on during the day. The place looked nice and toasty.

Didn’t stay much too long. S just got some cheese to bring to the party we were going to. Good thing that by the time we were done, the host was at his home already. =)


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One response to “Neighborhood Store

  • lei

    MALIGAYANG PASKO AT MANIGONG BAGONG TAON!!! Nawa’y matamo natin ang kapayapaan at kasaganahan sa ating pamilya. Nawa’y lalong tumibay ang ating pananampalataya at laging mapuspos tayo ng kaligayahan

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