Bikram Yoga for Weight Loss??

I’ve noticed myself eating less than I would regularly do. The fact that I am busy (tindera nga!) doesn’t contribute. I usually stop and eat during meal times. I’m the one who gets grouchy when I am not given food when hungry (it was in my sister’s wedding speech–advise to S to feed me before I get hungry!).

It feels strange (but good!) to be eating less. I feel lighter. I did wonder why though…am I in love? (diba, if one’s in love, she can hardly eat because of kilig? Hahahaha!) Then I asked my yogi

Apparently, bikram yoga curbs your appetite for (unhealthy) food (for some people)! I found out from HERE that aside from the following benefits:

  • Heavy sweating helps detoxify the body
  • As the blood thins, the circulatory system is cleared
  • The output of cells which fight infection is increased
  • The heart rate is elevated
  • In Bikram yoga, weight loss is made easier because your muscles are warmed and can burn fat more easily
  • The heated environment is initially very challenging, helping to increase will power and mental strength

Bikram Yoga helps one lose weight in the following ways (taken from HERE):

  • It is well-known that to be effective, a workout should make you sweat and increase your heart rate. Bikram yoga well and truly fulfills both of these criteria.
  • Warm muscles burn fat more easily; your muscles also become more stronger and more supple from practicing Bikram yoga. Both these factors allow you to exercise your body more effectively and aid the weight loss process.
  • Detoxifying the body and having a healthy circulatory system are known to have a very positive effect on metabolism. This in turn increases the ability of your body to shed weight more effectively.
  • It is widely known that practicing Bikram yoga enables many of your bodily systems and functions – digestion, respiration, endocrine, lymphatic and elimination – to work in harmony. As a result, your appetite will normalize (and likely decrease) and you will more than likely lose all your cravings for unhealthful foods.
  • Increased willpower and mental strength that comes from the challenge of practicing yoga in a heated environment will help you maintain your resolve and resist temptation when trying to lose weight

Yahoo! At least, I get to eat more healthful foods (sweets have lost their appeal, even pizza, tapsi, longsi, etc.). It’s a bit strange because I love these food and they’re suddenly not in my comfort food list. In fact, I don’t know what’s on my comfort food list now! (Horrors!) Maybe soup.

Oh well…my goal might actually be closer than I think…..woohoo, new wardrobe, here I come!!!

Have a great week, everyone!


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One response to “Bikram Yoga for Weight Loss??

  • Anonymous

    that is so true!
    i remember when i was religiously doing pilates in manila i’d never crave junk food and would actually eat only what i needed.
    sige na nga, i’ll do bikram yoga na din here. 😛


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