Fun Shots!

Nope, this entry isn’t about KFC‘s Fun Shots. It’s about me taking the cam out again and seeing what I can do with it!

I’m too lazy to read photography books and too poor to enroll in photography classes, so I basically fiddle around with the switches and try to get the “right” photograph. For most, I prefer non-flash settings.

Here’s one I took of a red SUV (is it?) on south super highway. I’ve been trying to learn how to take a shot like that, showing movement in the background. After many failed shots, here’s one of the best (still needs some work because I want the car to stand out and not show movement at all).

While we were at Paseo de Magallanes, we went to my BIL’s clinic as well…here are some pictures I took of the stuff that he had there. Such nice and happy looking vases!

Here’s one of the bamboo sticks:

I like tight shots. Wonder why.


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