Alone Time

I have very seldom alone time these days. What with work (yes, I work!), the boys (yes, all 3), the mall operations (I really like), and LMI (watch out for THAT!), I hardly have time for myself. (Of course, unless you count the time I drive myself to the mall, go around and check the booths, then, maybe I still have alone time.)

My major alone time is when I do exercise (run or do yoga). It’s something I do without my watch and without my mobile. It’s just me, myself and I. And I’ve learned to NOT feel guilty about having alone time.

There was a time that I felt that I should devote all my time to others–mostly the boys. But I realized that without recharging, I tend to lose all the energy I have stored! So now, I cherish my alone time, whether it be exercising or doing nothing.

I am enjoying my alone time now–a beautiful rainy Sunday afternoon, at the computer, listening to pounding house music. Such are the little pleasures in life! Cherish them!


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