I’m a Saleslady!

S’s regularly encouraged me to be more active with fireworks sales. And with good reason…aside from the fact that it’s a “family biz” and well…hand that feeds me (well, more like P because it’s for tuition!)

I’ve never really been interested in it…until this year. (Don’t ask me why. My impulsive self has decided that I have to learn ins and outs of retail.) So from “nothing” last year, I’m actually Area Manager for our two kiosks in MegaMall. (How’s that for a big bang?)

S’s cousins have put together a business that runs the mall fireworks sales kasi during December. And this is the first year I’ve ever been involved.

I was there last Saturday evening, trying to observe. I learned that “Hi, is there anything I can help you with?” doesn’t work. I got strange looks when I asked someone who was looking at our products. What does is if you pretend to be another customer and look like you’re looking at the same thing and then talk about the product.

There was this guy looking at the 16 shots and so I ask him what he was considering it for. He said New Year’s. So I told him that he was early, and that (product name) was a big hit last year. He looks at me with interest and says, “talaga?” Well, he didn’t buy and I didn’t make that sale, but hopefully as New Year approaches, he’ll remember me and the booth. Hahahahaha!

It also helps if you reach for the pricelist and read it together. Or perhaps share with them something they can relate to.

But I realize I can’t work around in an environment with people I know, I’d be shy. Strange (maybe that’s where P picks it up). I prefer doing things on my own.

It’s actually pretty fun (I know, I might regret this come inventory time. Please, I’m open to new inventory methods…I’m still working with the one that the cousins have implemented.). Yesterday, as S and I walked back to the car after our daily collection, I said to him, “Hey, we’re real Chinese (I actually used a different term, but just in case I have readers who might get offended, I have decided to just use “Chinese”) na! See, we’re working at odd hours, we just picked up the collection for the day and are going home pa lang now. Hahahahaha!” (Can I say, “it’s in the blood pa rin”? Hahahahahaah!)

Please friends, come and visit (uh…and BUY na rin!!) our Starmaker Fireworks booths in MegaMall Building A. We have one in front of Toy Kingdom and the other is very near Pollo Loco.


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