Shopaholic, me?

After a whole long time of wearing ill-fitted clothes, my best friend Sh has finally taken me shopping. She’s in town till Friday, and needed to buy a few more things for her sisters, and since we were together, I ended up getting a few things she said looked good on me.

We were at Giordano first. I don’t usually go there because I feel that the prices are more expensive compared to prices in HK. (Maybe it’s because I feel that it’s “less money” to pay in HKD than in PHP. Hahahaha!) But they were selling at 25% off on all items! Yay! I got a nice black crinkle shirt.

Next stop for buys was Bayo. Got a red knit that was cut below the chest area (hides tummy, says Sh, and emphasizes my generous…uhm…ya know…), and a pair of pedal pushers.

We did the rounds of the mall there to get her sisters’ stuff, then headed to Metrowalk. And I got the rest of my *loot* there. Three (3) pairs of pants and a long sleeved shirt.

My realizations:

  1. if you want to be a shopper, you gotta work at it. Sh made me try so many (!!) different cuts of pants to find which one worked.
  2. I’m not a shopper. No wonder when I moved out of my parents’ house, I hardly had any clothes. My sisters and I shared, and most of the clothes I wore were their purchases. I didn’t take any of those, of course, so I practically didn’t have any.
  3. you might like the style, but the style might not like you. ’nuff said, so I’m going to continue dieting and working out. My goal: 15-20 lbs. Can I do it kaya???? Yes, I can, yes, I can!!
  4. last, but not the least–and S should be afraid, be very afraid–I actually like shopping pala.

Well, till next shopping trip!!


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