I’ve never been to my high school homecoming–EVER.

But I’ve been to S’s highschool homecoming several years ago when VJ Nonie Tao of MTV Asia was hosting. And that batch who brought Nonie in has done it again.

Last Saturday, the highschool celebrated their Golden Jubilee. And they estimated around 1,500 people to attend…but lo and behold, three thousand people showed up! What a roaring success! (not exactly, really, because they ran out of food…, though we were able to get Krispy Kremes — someone sent boxes and boxes and boxes of those uber sweet donuts over)

I had fun because a lot of S’s batchmates were friends of mine in highschool as well. I really looked forward to it because I hadn’t seen some of the guys in such a long time!

It was so hilarious because after the beer started flowing, I heard several confessions that could only be admitted after so many years (and a few drinks).

It was a really fun evening catching up. Sayang nga since S was not feeling well so we had to leave. (I would have wanted to stay but it would look strange since he was the alumni, and not I.) Oh well…


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