Body by Bikram?

The past few weeks have seen me as a “yoga studio rat” (as in “gym rat”). Just last week I was at Tris’ studio on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday. I ran on Tuesday and Thursday.

I’m BACK! I used to run every morning (this was PK — Pre-Kevin — days) with a friend. We’d hit the gym once they open at 6am (yup, we used to run BEFORE that!). YES, I’m back and I absolutely love it.

I guess it’s true, huh? What they say about exercise? Elle Woods (Legally Blonde) said: Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.

Anyway, I’ve been quite regular at the Bikram Yoga Studio the past 3 or so weeks. And man, 3 times a week or so made such a difference! My arms actually (not being mayabang, in fact, I’m astounded!) have some definition now! (I will have to keep sucking in that stomach during practice!! That will probably work!! Woohoo!!!)

New wardrobe, here I come!!! (S promised me a whole new wardrobe…hahahaha! And since I’m kikay now, maybe he’ll end up regretting that offer! Wahahahahaha!!!)

Happy today! Yay! You guys (parang ang daming nagbabasa nito no? Hi, family!) all have a great week!!!


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