Casino Royale

My best friend’s in town, and since she was in Cambodia when this began showing, we decided to watch it here. So last Sunday, S took both of us to Greenhills to catch Casino Royale, the 21st (is it?) of all the James Bond flicks.

It was a bit more controversial than the others because they had picked out a new Bond…Daniel Craig. He was blond (whereas the other Bonds were dark-haired), he’s not as good looking (I don’t know who can come close to Pierce Brosnan!), but he was—hot!

It was funny how my best friend Sh and I just stopped breathing when Daniel Craig came out of the beach water. Hahahahaha!

The story was good. Apparently, this is the story of how James Bond became Agent 007. It is the first among all the James Bond movies, and tells of how (and what) shaped him to be the agent he is today.

You guys gotta watch it!!!


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