My Divi Adventure Series

My mother will not have known this from anyone else except this blog because I made sure everyone kept it a secret—lest she worry. =) (Hi, Mom!)

I woke up to an exciting morning. It was going to be my first time to Divi not only on my own, but also by way of public transportation. (Yes, consider me *sheltered*. I am forever grateful that my parents made sure I lived a very comfortable life, and not worry about getting to and from places.)

But today was a bit different because I had to take public transpo. It’s so great that S changed his mind about my taking a cab (I prefer to be in places with more people rather than a cab because who knows what can happen then??).

I had our driver drop me off at the corner of Annapolis so I could get to the MRT Annapolis / Santolan Station to the LRT station in Cubao (yup, there is a need for me to exchange trains). The last stop there would be Recto, where I was going to get off and take a jeepney all the way to our regular haunt in Divisoria.

I actually enjoyed taking the trains. They were fast and efficient! Not very different from HK for me (except, of course, the fact that it’s above ground level). Only the weather was hot. I can’t imagine being in nice office clothes and getting to the office drenched (this might just be an exaggerated term…) in sweat.

Wasn’t too difficult at all. I don’t know if there are less people going to that area than to Makati (I hear that the trains at that time are terribly crowded!). I was able to reach my destination in an hour’s time or so. Not bad at all! And to think, I was sauntering (i.e., walking like S…hahahaha!, lagging behind the crowd).

I was early so I stopped by a KFC branch to map out my morning. By the time I was ready, I made way to our suppliers. (Oh, the stench of Divi! I swear, it’s like the underbellies of—well, the underbellies of anything!) I spent a couple of hours getting the stuff we needed, then looking for other items.

By around half past 11 in the morning, I was done! (Surprise to me!) I didn’t want to wait for the driver to pick me up so I just took a cab back home. I felt that I badly needed a bath (I truly did!)!

And—well, I *had* to come out in the open. Know why? I met 3 of Mom’s Ateneo friends there! (*sigh* I can NEVER hide anything from my mother…hahahahaha!!) I mean, hey, of all places, Divisoria (I’ll bet she’s curious to find out who!)!


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7 responses to “My Divi Adventure Series

  • steve

    Tick, tock, tick, tock…

    Waiting for mom’s reaction.

  • Beautiful Grandma

    You scared me to death!!!! Going to divi alone and by public transpo? Thank God that you were safe thru out the trip. I have yet to find out who my Ateneo friends are!!

  • Your mom

    You scared me to death….going to divi alone and taking the public transpo!!! Thank God that you were safe thru out the trip.

  • jencc

    hi mom, relax ka lang. the trip was actually a boost to my ego. πŸ™‚ kaya ko pala yun. i’m sure i can do greater things in life pa. hahaahahaha!

    your friends? guess: 3 of them are from Ateneo. RA, GG, and Grace something (just met her then). told them not to tell you eh.

  • grumpyurbanslacker

    hey jen,

    naks!!! galeng ha, from greenhills to divi! pero the MRT is quite better naman vs. other forms of public transpo kasi:D

    funny, now that i think about it, our office is ten minutes away from Divi and i’ve been there once or twice lang ever. Weird.

  • Sophie

    Oh my gulay Achie Jen, you braved the wild! hehehe congrats! πŸ™‚ You are so much better than me! I’ve been to Divi about a million times but I needed a chaperone! ( A cousin who lived nearby ). I would have cried if I was left there alone since I have very very poor sense of direction! hehe πŸ™‚

  • Mia

    hi jen! mier and i always take the train to divi. the lrt2 trains are nice no? big and comfy. better than the mrt trains. =D but i’ve never tried going alone. great job!

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