This is actually not a funny story, because I “lost” a driver. Let me give you a teensy background.

When I was pregnant with K, S got me a driver so I didn’t have to drive myself around. This driver, JL, is a bit older (50s?) thus a bit wiser, a bit more experienced, very personable and gets what he wants (can you believe he is able to park in our office building even when it’s not allowed? No, we’re not letting him go, sorry! =) ).

So, JL’s driven for us for around two or so years now. When my ILs’ driver left, he would drive for my MIL. Now that P is in big school, he also needs a driver.

Anyway, a few weeks ago, we got a new driver (after all the others have given up), S, and he truly seemed like a nice guy. He was driving for 12 years, and knew the places my MIL would go to. Among all the drivers, she was happiest with S.

Now, one day, S had to drive for my FIL. (Here’s where things get sour!) So something happened (no need for details but it involved yelling at S in front of other people) and S decided to quit (first instance). When he came on the weekend to get his pay, the girls at home convinced him to stay and try it out again. Lucky for all, he did.

It was fine and dandy because FIL was out of town for a bit. Then strike two came when he had arrived home and had to go somewhere where he needed a driver. Same thing happened all over.

Do you believe that things happens in threes? Well, apparently, not S.

Today, when he was told to get ready because he was supposed to drive FIL, he figured he didn’t need a 3rd incident. When FIL came out, ready to go, S was no where to be found.

So, I had to let JL go home so that P will have a driver (and yes, I’m again left with none, okay lang, I like driving!)

I’m half snickering as I write this because it is an absurdly funny incident, but it’s not funny because I’m part of that family. WAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA!!

Have a great week anyone!


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