Family Day

It has been a long while since my sisters and I shopped with our folks. When we were all still single, Dad and Mom would take us out every Sunday to the mall (be it Mega, Shang or one of the Makati malls).

We’d always hear mass at 9, then hit the malls after. And since we would always be there during the first hour, we’d be done and have lunch by 11:30 or so. Our (not-so) baby brother, S, used to join us until he was bigger–by then he’d prefer to study or hit the gym.

Today, my sisters and I were again the little girls of my parents. It was so fun! My youngest sis, C came from Alabang (she married someone from there), while my folks picked G and I up. We met up at 168 Mall (quick, click on that link, can you believe they actually have a website???) at around 7am (yes, that’s AM, and yes, the stores were opening little by little already).

Just like before, C bought the most and G and I just basically looked around. =)

After shopping, we had brunch at Century Seafood Restaurant. C said she had tried it out a few weeks ago and the dimsum was pretty good.

I loved their taro puff, and har gow. The others were *just* okay. (We ordered standards: siomai, asado siopao, chicken feet, spare ribs and machang.)

When we parted, I heard C say, “I’ll miss you!” (whether she’ll admit it or not!) I had a great time. Sometimes, I wish that we were all still the little girls of my Mom and Dad. It was a whole lot easier then. =)


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