Lazy Sunday

Yesterday started really late for S and I. We skipped out on the usual Sunday thing with the rest of his family and went out ourselves.

First stop was the Legazpi Market. Since S is not an early riser, he’s never been to any of these organic markets (heck, I’ve been to the Salcedo Market only once–but hey, that was bustling!).

Here is a part of the place where they sell produce. Hmmm…I realize now that I should have taken a picture of the table right beside it. It sold organic rice, lemongrass tea, dried red chili, among others. On the opposite end, they sell fresh fruits as well.

I also found someone who distributes Becky’s Kitchen! Don’t you guys just looooove their very moist brownies? Here’s her stall:

Her name is Rosanne Hugo. And her contacts are: 810 1059, 0917 5291402 and

This lovely lady also makes salad dressing! Check out the two buckets below:

This one on the left has her Oriental and Strawberry Vinaigrette dressings, while the one on the right shows her Caesar dressing. Check her out!

A few paces down, I met Eric Angeles at his stall, Cocoa Loco. And yes, the chocolate here is soooo good! Even S couldn’t say no to a Nutella Ensaimada!

When he said the magic word, “white chocolate”, I was hooked. They offered me to try the carrot cake (soooo moist) topped with white chocolate. HEAVEN, I swear. I had to control myself so I could leave some for S to try when we got home!

And this proves that his stuff is great—S, who regularly turns down food with sugar added, actually bought a nutella ensaimada! YES! Here’s how it looks like:

And my carrot cake:

Sorry, Eric, I don’t think I did justice to how it tasted! I think it was good that I actually remembered to take a photo!

Eric can be contacted at: 8173189, 09178903189 or

After the Legazpi Market, S and I headed off to Rockwell! Haven’t been here in AGES! Told our friend Kara that we’d drop by the bazaar she organized. Tickled Pink, a benefit bazaar for and by I Can Serve, was held at the Loft.

Here are some pictures I took:

Here is the I Can Serve booth, selling souvenir items. Can you see me?

Here are some snapshots from the bazaar. I love how pink it was, really!

The top middle picture is the area I liked the most…they had small chandeliers to light up the eating and credit card areas. When S and I were there, there weren’t a lot of people yet. It was a pretty small bazaar though, just a few stalls. But since they’re designer, they’re higher ticket items.

It was a great Sunday! Here’s looking forward to the week ahead! Have a good one!


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