Dr. Mom

I guess this is a role that all moms can relate to. I also guess that it’s a role that most moms wish they don’t need to play (i.e., they’d rather their kids well than sick).

Well, this was the role I played since Monday of this week. (Special thanks to my boss, MSB, who’s major understanding about this!)

I skipped work practically the entire week to attend to P (and eventually K, who, luckily for all of us, didn’t get it as bad. Check the post HERE.)

P had viral pneumonia. The illness has a two-day incubation time, according to the doctor. S and I could not, for the life of us, think where he caught it.

On Saturday night, he complained of an itchy throat. And on Sunday, his not drying up well after bathtime last Sunday aggravated it and well, in the evening, he had a full-blown fever. The doctor said that if he’s able to battle the cold and the fever by Tuesday evening, we’d be out of the woods.

Well…we weren’t. P was hardly eating and wanted to sleep all the time—but couldn’t because of his racking cough. *sigh*

I kept wishing that it was I who was sick rather than he. *cry!*

By Wednesday, his doctor prescribed antibiotics already because he didn’t show signs of getting well. She also recommended that K be given remedies to arrest possible progress of the illness.

That was actually the turning point. On Thurday, he ate a bit, and on Friday, he actually finished 3/4 of a mini pizza. Not bad!

Today’s Saturday and well…he’s pretty much back to his old self, joking and being makulit. Before bed, I told P that I was glad to have the old P back again, jolly and all. And he said, “I love you, Mom”. Melt my heart!

Well…I hope this episode of Dr. Mom is over and done with. I know sick kids are part of the package, but it’s just so sad to see them sick!

P.S. — thanks to everyone who prayed for P and sent their well wishes!!!


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