Control Freak

Okay, I am finally admitting it: I’m not nice when I’m under pressure.

I have a strong need to be in control, yet when I need to give it up, I still do not trust the people I work with. How to deal, how to deal?????

Poor S, really, because he’s the one who’s getting the brunt of all this. Sorry, honey!

But then, someone put it into my head–it’s just a get together–not the end of the world, so chill. Okay, yes, I should. I should just let go, like I did during our wedding.

ARGH! I’m going to chill now. Whatever happens on Saturday will happen, I can only cross my fingers and let the guys working with us do their job.

And I’ll sit back and have fun. =) It’s difficult being a control freak! Hahahahaha!


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One response to “Control Freak

  • sunshinedaily4me

    Commenting from Texas….I too am a control freak. I am very much a perfectionist and its hard to give it up to someone else who might not do something like I want it to be done. Don’t really have the answers..but just have to let it go sometimes…

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