Sights at MOA

The mall was huge, we didn’t even have an idea where to start!

So we just walked and walked and walked where our feet would take us.

These were the sights that we saw as we went around the mall.

The small streets between the buildings had lots of little food kiosks. Here’s our favorite, Holy Kettle Corn, La Cocina de Tita Moning, and a new one called Spike’s that sold ice cream.

The mall was so huge that we noticed that some stores actually had the same names! There was EGG. One was an accessories store, one was a maternity clothes store, one was a gaming place. Amazing.

We ate a place called Tandoor King. We were interested because it was supposedly Indian. Apparently, Pinoy-Indian.

Run by the LJC Group, this is their take on Pinoy food with an Indian twist. Imagine adobong lamb, pizza on naan bread, and the usual tandoori chicken or fish, and curry.

Were we impressed? There were some food that we were happy with, there were some that we were disappointed with.

We loved the milk tea (I forgot what it’s called) and the lamb adobo. There were lots for a topped rice dish. The four cheese pizza on naan bread was great too! The downers were the chicken curry and spicy longaniza (wasn’t spicy at ALL!). The tandoori fish and chicken were both good. Especially when slathered with the yoghurt sauce. =) (our mantra: anything with garlic tastes good!)

It’s a good thing we were early (arrived at 1015am), because when the clock struck 12, the mall looked like this.

And these are just at *some* parts of the mall…now this is the reason why S and I were really afraid to actually go. There *were* LOTS of people. It’s like Mega Mall on a weekend, times maybe THREE.

It was a good weekend. I scored a pair of wedges from VNC that were 70% off! Winner! Of course, they were green and I didn’t know whether they’d go with anything I owned, but I figured that at that price, it was a steal, and I could wear them with a white shirt and jeans. They were nice and soft too!

All in all, it was a good day. The boys were super excited as we left the house and I think they were generally happy as well. K was knocked out a few minutes after we entered the car. Good day, today. Have a good week ahead everyone!


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