Of Doctors

In the past few days, I’ve been asked by several different people, which doctor I take my kids to. I’ve been luckier than most, I’ve just been through 2 pedias, and the one I’m with now, I’m very contented with.

The very first pedia we saw was TY. I liked him a lot! He’s a generally a very “get-down-to-business” kind of guy. We are usually at his office, 15 minutes, tops. My mom or I would always go early to “get in line” so we’d always be the first patient. (In Manila, most “older” doctors do not have appointment books. It’s always on a “first come first served” basis.)

This doctor is pretty good and I liked the fact that he was a specialist in gastro and emergency cases, that he practiced a long time in the US (I’m assuming he got good emergency training there), and that he saw patients quickly.

Until one day, when he diagnosed P with primary complex without looking at the x-ray film that I presented to him. I just trusted the doctor as he prescribed 3 different medications for P, which we painstakingly gave every single day for six months!

Sometime within that period, and before I gave birth to K, I decided to take the boys to a new pedia, VJC, who I knew was breastfeeding friendly (maybe more like breastfeeding scary–“sige, if you don’t breastfeed your baby, I won’t be the doctor na.” Hahahaha!). I figured that since she was a woman…ya know. =)

And I liked her! Swear to gosh I did! Until…we discovered that K might have some kind of asthma (apparently it ran in S’s family! Surprise to me! I didn’t know that allergies can manifest itself in different ways: skin, sneezing, sinusitis, and, well, asthma). K was started on Ventolin at 3 or so months. Because the coughing didn’t go away *entirely*, VJC recommended to change that inhaler to something *stronger* called Flixotide. This brand had *some* steroid, according to her, but safe.

And still, when the coughing was present (to give her credit, she was very cautious in prescribing, this was done over nearly a year or so), she recommended a higher dose medication called Seretide. After three months on this and knowing that this packs a whole lot more ‘roids than Flixotide, I decided to pack our bags and move yet to another pedia.

After recommending her to interested parties, I finally took the kids to her. CPC is a pedia who practices natural medicine. She’s training with Dr. Divina of Centro Natura for her specialization in anthroposophical medicine. (don’t ask me–it’s a bit philosophical, but my basic understanding is that aside from others, it has roots in homeopathy)

I think this doctor is great! She allots a lot of time per patient, take appointments (you’re sure she’ll be there, and on time!), explains well, and prescribes natural medicine (which she sells at her clinic, if you want to purchase. Alternatively, purchases can be made at Centro Natura in QC).

To replace the inhaler K was using before, she prescribed 3 homeopathic remedies which we give during 3 different parts of the day. We’ve noticed it’s helped him a lot! He, however, still becomes “coughy” during the “seasons”–like now, when the weather’s a bit erratic or cooler.

Have you found *your* pedia? =) We have!


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