What the REST OF US Can Learn from Homeschooling

One of my favorite stores is Booksale.

A few weeks ago, I got this copy. For the longest time, I have been (partly?) kidding Stan that we should just homeschool, to save, and well, with the teachers today…(that’s another story, for another blog…hahahaha!)

This was one of those diamonds in the rough that I found at that bookstore. I feel that because P is in a school setting, the tips in this book help us greatly in partially homeschooling him.

I believe that education (I guess, like with all else) begins at home. This is one of the great things I learned:

Because ours is a culture that ordinarily provides little of either trust or respect to children, this may be a challenging place for parents to begin. It may sound corny, but the Golden Rule provides a good starting point: Do unto others (in this case your child) as you would have then do unto you. Homeschool author John Holt presents another intriguing approach: Treat children as if they are guests visiting from a foreign country (in this case the adult world), but they need time to observe and participate in order to understand. We would never berate, ridicule or lose patience with a foreign guest for being ignorant, yet we often act negatively toward children as they learn. Either of these starting points will go a long way in helping to get the trust and respect flowing.

In this chapter, entitled, Believe in the Power of Your Love, author Linda Dobson talks about the parents believing that they are capable to teach their children. Most parents hesitate to be their child’s teacher, because of so many reasons: “I can’t teach algebra”, “I’m too ___ (busy, afraid, dumb, etc.)” She says that most homeschooling parents are the same…the difference is they gave it a go, and took that leap of faith.

With me, I try and put a balance to it, as I am working and P is in a school setting. This book truly helps me to homeschool my boys as I see fit!


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