A Love Story

Once upon a time, there was a girl, J, who was busy selling odds and ends at her batch’s highschool garage sale. They needed to raise funds for a school activity.

That particular afternoon was a holiday for the town. And a boy named S happened to be in the same area as the sale because he came from his school’s activity.

S stopped by the sale with his friends and J sold him some chocolate chip cookies.

J thought he was cute. A mutual friend set them up…and S was smitten forever! Hahahahahaha! (Actually, the story was that J pursued S, but then, S was an easy catch…and well…everyone knows what happened next.)

Yes, S and I have known each other for 20 years! That’s more than half our lives! Well, it took 13 years before we actually got hitched, but that more or less prepared us for the years after that.

You wonder whether there’s spark and surprise after 20 years? You’ll be surprised… =) I adore this guy more than anything in the world (yes, even though I am pretty vocal about P and K and how cute they are…).

Hey, S, happy A! Love ya dude!


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2 responses to “A Love Story

  • grumpyurbanslacker


    ahh, i remember you told me before that on the day that naging mag-“on” kayo ni S., both of you shook hands pa nga diba?:D

    (maniacal laughter ala “Thriller” video),

  • jencc

    hey GUS, i can’t believe your memory! we shook hands on our first “date”. sobrang prim and proper nga ni S eh. hahahaha! but we’ve definitely graduated to more than that now. we’ve two kids na nga eh. hahahahahaahah!

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