Took P and K to P’s friend’s house this afternoon for a play date. P has been friends with MG for more than a year now. They were classmates at preschool. I guess they grew close because his mom, JG, and I hung around a lot.

Anyway, when JG saw me this afternoon, her first greeting was “Hi! Uy, parang pumayat ka yata!” (translated: “Hey, looks like you’ve slimmed down!” — this is such a Pinoy thing to greet like this…but that’s for another blog entry.) “And, you’re looking good!”

So I say thanks, and that it’s mostly because I had my hair styled (by this “magician” called Louis Philip Kee of Salon de Ken along Palanca St in Makati) and I now wear makeup (thanks to mineral makeup!).

Then she looked at me and said, “Well…your eyes are easy to makeup kasi eh.”

At that point, I appreciated the however tiny crease that I have in my eyes. I looked at her and realized that she had typical Asian eyes without creases at all! After my endless research on how to do makeup for Asian eyes, I figure that I have it a lot easier after all!

Smokey eyes, here I come! (Thanks to my Soho Lounge and my Retro Lounge Eye Kits!)


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