Moving Out

Nope, it’s not us…but crossing my fingers that we one day will. *snicker, snicker*

It’s P. Late last July, we finally came to an agreement that he will begin sleeping in his room, on his bed. (My FIL had the boys’ room fixed, with two brand new beds and a long study table in between.) P said he’d sleep in his room beginning August, for 11 (beats me where he got the number!) weeks.

At the start, he’d wake up in the middle of the night and join us in bed (yes, we co-sleep). Then there would be times, I’d move out and join him so he gets used to sleeping in his own bed.

Well, I’d like to say that we’re progressing really well. He’s been out there, staying in bed, for the past few weeks. Hopefully he’ll forget the 11 weeks and permanently stay on his bed.

S and I don’t really miss the snuggles, only because P is a hug-a-bug kid, so we get lots from him.

When will K move out kaya? P’s 5, and K’s 1.8 so he’ll probably move out in another…say, 4 years? Hahahaha!


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